Places to visit when traveling to Hurghada – Egypt:

-in your search for a new place and a new itinerary, it is indispensable to consider EGYPT as a destination of travel, because this is the country that caters to all desires.

-Hurghada is the capital of the southern Red Sea. Located 450 km from Cairo, it is easily accessible by car, bus or plane. The city hosts one of the largest and most modern airports in Egypt.

-Hurghada offers a unique blend of modern life, luxury hotels and leisure, as well as the near-primitive life of local areas, shops and Old Town streets. People in Hurghada are friendly and interested in speaking in many languages, especially Russian and English.

The old city, or the Sheraton Road, is the main street in Hurghada and the first tourist attraction, where you will find many local bazaars and shops for clothes, gifts and jewelry, as well as local restaurants and cafés offering all kinds of Egyptian and international cuisine. Famous brands are available in cafes like Costa Coffee, as well as international fast food chains such as McDonalds, Kentucky and Pizza Hut.

-Al Kawthar, Al Hadaba and Al Arabiya are among the most important places in Hurghada, where you can find modern and luxurious hotels (Marriott, Hilton, Steigenberger) as well as private beaches (Coral Beach, Old Vic and Dreams). In addition, you can find international restaurants such as the Hard Rock Café and Coffee Shop Company

In addition, if you live a nice night life and live shows, there are plenty of bars and bars in different areas like Little Buddha and Papa’s Bar.

The beautiful marina provides a comfortable place to walk peacefully and enjoy a quick snack just by the sea. But when you are in Hurghada, you have five basic activities you should do to get the local experience and spend a holiday in your life.

Eat local oriental food at Moby Duck.

This is a very tiny restaurant that most of the locals are fans of it and it offer frsh food.

Moby Dick Restaurant situated in Sheraton Street Hurghada. We prepare and cook Fresh Seafood Dishes plus an international menu to cater for all tastes.

Eat Exquisite fish at Star Fish

Star Fish is an EXPERIENCE of its own! You cannot not to eat there! The most luxurious restaurant in Hurghada in Sheraton road to your right hand side in the direction of Mohamady Howaidak roundabout. This restaurant offers a wide variety of fish and sea food with affordable prices

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