Terms & Conditions

As part of our efforts to ensure the utmost satisfaction for our clients and guests,
kindly find here under all conditions related to cancellation of an excursion booked with DIVERS WORLD HURGHADA.

Cancellation Policy

-For all courses and daily snorkeling-/boat trips, we organize our schedule according to the wishes of our clients. We reserve exclusive boat space, guides and instructors for our clients. We might have to turn other guests down in order to guarantee a comfortable group size, special dive site requests for daily divers and courses‘ students.

When our client is booking or signing up for any of our services, he/she is required to pay in advance to guarantee the reservation.
The reservation is guaranteed upon receiving an email from our side confirming the booking.

In order to maintain our commitment to all of our guests, Divers World Hurghada operates a strict cancellation policy:
30 days or more to course/excursion date – 90% refund
14 days prior to course/excursion date – 50% refund
7 days prior to course/excursion date – 20% refund
3 days or less to course/excursion date – No refund

Cancellations, no shows or late arrivals on the day of the excursion will be subject to full payment.
All programs or deposits paid are non-transferable, not partly refunded or credited towards a later date.
If you require a letter for travel insurance purposes to claim the value of these dives we are happy to oblige. As we said, all changes are subject to availability.

Cancellations due to sickness, injury or other medical condition, which prevents client from diving/snorkeling:
We would request a written statement of a doctor, in which case we will do everything possible to reschedule the course, snorkeling-/boat trips without extra cost.

DIVERS WORLD HURGHADA is not responsible for dives/courses/trips aborted due to fear, underwater undefined panic, inability to equalize, ear problems due to improper equalization, self-induced illness, or other issues uncontrollable by the dive operator. Once the diver has boarded the boat it is understood that they are committed to the dive schedule of the boat, and therefore no refund will be due in case on non commitment.
Weather conditions
Rainy or cloudy weather are no valid reasons for cancellation by the customer. We strictly follow port recommendations when a tour must be canceled as a result of bad weather. In this case, other alternatives will be offered.

Indecision or change of mind:
If the client is indecisive or he/she has changed their mind for any reason, the client will be charged for the full amount.

Not showing up:
A no-show for whatever reason, including but not limited to flight delays, hangovers, forgetting to set the alarm will mean the loss of payment!

Drinking and diving:
DIVERS WORLD HURGHADA has a no tolerance policy for „drinking and diving“.
Anyone showing up for the dive hung-over or smelling of alcohol will not be allowed on the boat and will not be issued a refund.
There are absolutely no exceptions to this policy.

If you’re enrolled in a course and are canceling a scheduled session less than 24 hours before or you do not appear for this appointment for any reason (e.g., but not limited to: illness, injury, indecision, weather conditions, change of mind etc.), you’ll be charged € 50 for rescheduling
Rescheduling will then take place according to Dive Center logistics.
If rescheduling isn’t possible within holiday’s time frame, the client can reschedule within 2 years.

For guided dives, you may change the date of your reservation for free if you advise us more than 24 hours before the dive date and alternative dates are available.
This can be done via email (info@diversworldhurghada.com) or by phoning +201018916214
We do not allow swapping booked dives from one person to another.

Programs canceled by DIVERS WORLD HURGHADA for any reason (e.g., but not limited to poor weather conditions) will allow the client the option to reschedule (based on availability) or to receive a refund for that particular day. Please be assured that refunds and rescheduling will be handled as fairly and efficiently as possible in this event.

DIVERS WORLD HURGHADA reserves the right to refuse service to anyone at any time with no refund if divers deemed to be unsafe, irresponsible, do not follow the dive plans, disobey „project aware“ regulations or are otherwise disrespectful to the crew.

DIVERS WORLD HURGHADA reserves the right to cancel a daily dive trip if only 2 or less payable divers booked a daily dive trip. The minimum number of divers on the boat is 3 (Wreck diving and night diving is 6). In that case, DIVERS WORLD HURGHADA can offer „diving from the shore“ instead of „diving from the boat“ or reschedule the boat trip to another day.

General behavior:
In case any event suggests that your behavior is not respectful of the diving center rules or damaging other’s people tranquility and fun, we reserve the right to refuse your booked services. In this case, we will not consider any refund as due.

Environmental preservation:
We reserve the right to refuse or interrupt at any time your scuba diving activities in event that you do not respect the environment or the rules of the National Marine Parks.

Loss or damage
DIVERS WORLD HURGHADA accepts NO LIABILITY for loss or damage to personal property including diving equipment, and any equipment left on the boat or in the dive center overnight or during transport is at the owner’s risk.

DIVERS WORLD HURGHADA reserves the right to change sites or vessels without notice, due to weather, safety suitability or any other reason.
If you have, during your holiday, any complaint, we suggest you give it, as soon as possible, to the Diving Center Director on site, in order to let him/her find a solution as quickly and efficiently as possible. If the issue remains unsettled during your holiday, we invite you to send a written complaint to the DIVERS WORLD Director within 21 days from your holiday’s end. We will answer you within 7 days by email and within 30 days by post. Mail to: info@diversworldhurghada.com
We reserve the right, at our discretion, to update or revise these policies as deemed necessary.
Please check these policies periodically for changes.