-This is the time of the year! The time you decide to slow down speed, close your mobile phone and start using your laptop for a more exciting purpose: booking a vacation!

In the search for a new place and a new path, it is indispensable to regard Egypt as a travel destination, because this is the country that satisfies all desires.

Do you want to see the pyramids, the Valley of the Kings and Abu Simbel? But do you wonder if Egypt’s visit is safe? Then read on!

The whole Muslim world is not particularly popular among Western tourists these days (incorrectly, it has been added). Terrorist attacks, refugees and human rights violations have not really helped to declare flights to countries in the Middle East. But what about Egypt? Is Egypt safe to visit?

-After the November revolution in 2011 and the rule of the Muslim Brotherhood that followed (in the short term) the number of tourists fell to almost zero. Even before these kidnappings and repeated terrorist attacks against tourists have always been a problem – especially in the Sinai Peninsula.

Fortunately, the political situation stabilized in the following years. 2018 was the first year that witnessed a significant increase in tourism (according to local guides and hotels) and increased interest in Egypt.

Now, is it safe for Americans to travel to Egypt in 2019? This is a difficult question, with terrorist attacks in the United States itself, in Paris, London or Berlin.

— The short answer: Yes, Egypt is safe